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Cases & Trays

Sterilization Cases and Trays

We are sterilization tray, case and caddy specialists.  All we do is sterilization kitting for instrument and implant delivery systems. 


We stock heat stabilized medical grade polypropylene in both white and black in common sizes, to provide the fastest turnaround possible.

Anodized aluminum trays and passivated stainless steel cassettes come in standard and custom size configurations with inserts available.

Custom Thermo-Formed trays available with customized insert plates. Ask about our vendor managed inventory options.

+ Innovative Designs
+ Short Lead Times ranging from an average       of 3 to 10 weeks

For quality sterilization cases and trays, turn to Legacy Medical Solutions. Our primary focus is on sterilization kitting for instrument and implant delivery systems. We ensure that medical professionals have the sterilized and ready-to-use tools they need at their disposal. 


We are proud to be a trusted provider of plastic sterilization trays made from heat-stabilized medical-grade polypropylene. Available in both white and black in common sizes, these trays will withstand high temperatures and ensure the effective sterilization of your medical instruments. Our inventory management system ensures that these trays are always in stock, allowing for the fastest turnaround time possible. 


Our range of products also includes anodized aluminum trays and passivated stainless steel cassettes. These come in standard and custom size configurations with inserts available, providing flexible solutions for your sterilization needs. We design each tray and cassette with attention to detail, ensuring they meet the medical industry’s high standards. 


For those seeking bespoke solutions, we offer custom thermo-formed trays with customized insert plates. We tailor these trays to fit your specific needs, whether it's for a particular set of instruments or a unique implant delivery system. Our customization does not compromise on quality or efficiency, ensuring that your sterilization processes remain optimal. 


We strive to deliver innovation in all our designs of instrument trays for sterilization. Our team of world-class engineers works tirelessly to create trays that not only meet but exceed industry sterilization standards. 


When it comes to sterilization trays for surgical instruments, our commitment to short lead times sets us apart. On average, we can deliver your trays within 3 to 10 weeks, ensuring that your medical operations proceed without interruption. 


In conclusion, at Legacy Medical Solutions, we don’t just provide sterilization cases and trays; we partner with our clients in their mission to deliver safe and effective healthcare. We exhibit our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in every product we create. Trust us to provide you with sterilization solutions that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to your needs. 

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